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Natalia Ugren

CEO & Founder

Natalia Ugren is an expert and trainer in sales-communication skills and motivation, specializing in training sales conversation skills with the client for both B2B and B2C area, both in terms of unobtrusive additional sales and sales completion.

Natalia Ugren
DELODAJALEC, January, 2017 (in Slovenian language only!)

Mystery Shopping – (is it) a tool for motivation or a punishment of employees?

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INSTORE, January-February 2016 (in Slovenian language only!)

Do these stories also happen in your Company?

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INSTORE, December, 2015 (in Slovenian language only!)

Differences in research and methods of implementation

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Dnevnik, December, 2015 (in Slovenian language only!)

Mystery Shoppers – Helping managers improve employee’s relationship

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INSTORE, November, 2015 (in Slovenian language only!)

Motivation of the staff is important

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INSTORE, October, 2015 (in Slovenian language only!)

Execution of the research should not be “shrouded in Mystery”

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INSTORE, September, 2015 (in Slovenian language only!)

Truth and misconceptions about the “Mystery” research

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INSTORE, July-August 2015 (in Slovenian language only!)

Guest 2015 – Who provides (offers) the best quality service in the region?

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INSTORE, July-August 2015 (in Slovenian language only!)

Upsale in how it is viewed by Managers, Salesmen and Shoppers

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Finance, August, 2014 (in Slovenian language only!)

Who has well-trained sellers and who the bad ones

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