Customer Experience (CX) & Employee Experience (EX)

Every company should have a culture of nurturing contacts with employees and customers, which means that caring for a great Customer Experience and a great Employee Experience comes first for every company.

Licensed programs CX in EX: Caring Service Culture ™

BQB Customer Experience Slovenia
Programs »Caring Service Culture« are based on methods and principles of »Thriving by Caring«.

With the help of “Caring Service Culture” programs, you can quickly and professionally train your team of staff that is in contact with customers for a caring, friendly and “we care” relationship with customers, which customers appreciate and expect – now available exclusively also in Slovenia.

The BQB CX Method™ is a methodology that combines soft skills such as NLP, corporate culture, emotional intelligence and mindfulness. Thus, in the long run, we can measure the value of a program that helps you put employees and customers at the center of everything.

Connecting with customers on an emotional level and a caring service culture

A smile and feeling welcomed today are simply no longer enough to be considered a “good customer service” in today’s competitive retail industry. The program provides you with methods and techniques on how to connect with your customers through emotional triggers, how to increase customer satisfaction, how to stay in touch, how to get them to come back to you, to recommend you, to promote you among their friends and family, and last but not least, how to increase their loyalty to your brand.

Valued employees strive for customer loyalty

Concern for the commitment, enthusiasm and well-being of co-workers in customer relations not only enables good customer service, but employees also pass this enthusiasm and commitment on to customers, which increases the loyalty of your customers. According to a Gallup survey, an incredible 63% of employees said they are not committed to the job, compared to only 13% of employees who are. However, 24% of employees are “actively engaged”, which means that they are unhappy and unproductive at work and can spread negative attitudes, opinions, rumors and negative attitudes towards both colleagues and clients. For your business, unfortunately, this means that on their next purchase, the customer with a poor shopping experience may prefer to turn elsewhere, to your competition.

Happy employees = satisfied customers = good sales results

The secret to success lies in putting employees first. The program gives you methods and techniques on how to encourage your employees to have better relationships with people and how to show them that you care. This will also increase their loyalty and performance.

Caring Service Culture is a licensed program, available exclusively in Slovenia, by internationally renowned CX and EX expert Claire Boscq-Scott from England, ranked 5th on the list of the world’s 30 best customer gurus. She helps companies to make decisive changes in the areas of evaluation, development, implementation and measurement of EX (Employee Experience) and CX (Customer Experience) strategies. The Caring Service Culture program was named the 7th World’s Top 10 Customer Service Training for 2020.

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