Mystery Shopping

Our Mystery Shopping service is an anonymous survey to assess the quality of service and customer relations at the point of sale. The survey can be conducted either in person, by telephone or online.

With Mystery Shopping we analyze in detail how your sales staff treat your customers. We do this using the data collected by ‘virtual customers’ – our mystery shoppers and not by your actual customers. Mystery shopping is NOT an interview.

Our mystery shoppers visit, call or contact your company, just as an actual customer would. They interact with your sales staff playing the role of an actual customer and following a prearranged scenario. Their job is to collect the required information and report their observations.

Mystery Shopping highlights opportunities for improvement in all areas of your company.

Good to know:
In Slovenia, this type of service can be known by many names. As well as ‘mystery shopping’ it may also be known as mystery visits, mystery purchase, anonymous assessment, phantom visits, etc.
what is Mystery Shopping

WHAT IS Mystery Shopping (and WHAT IT IS NOT)

It’s good to know what a Mystery Shopping IS and what it is NOT, as misunderstanding of the use of this service can do more harm than good, both in motivating employees and in interpretation on what the results mean.

  • It is NOT spying on your employees.
  • It iS a survey which checks the behaviour and interactions of your employees with your customers at their usual point of contact.
  • The results are NOT there to punish or disipline your employees.
  • The results ARE used to guide, educate, motivate and reward your employees.
  • We are NOT looking for your employee’s mistakes.
  • We ARE looking for weaknesses in the sales process and for opportunities to improve it.
  • We do NOT just focus on your employees as the reason for unsatisfactory results.
  • Unsatisfactory results CAN BE attributed to a number of factors; management, work organisation, lack of information, communication.
  • A mystery shopping survey SHOULD NOT be carried out by relatives, friends, acquaintances or business partners.
  • A mystery shopping survey SHOULD BE carried out by qualified mystery shoppers with experience and knowledge.

Types of Mystery Shopping

Types of Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping can be used in any industry where your staff has contact with customers, whether they are B2C or B2B.

You can check the conditions at your point of sale (or at that of your competitor) by using:

  • Mystery personal visit – assesses the responsiveness and friendliness of staff, their implementation of sales processes, their expertise and they way they provide information …
  • A Mystery Call – to assess the responsiveness and friendliness of staff, their expertise, and their ability to provide information on the phone ….
  • Mystery e-assessment using Mystery E-mail to assess responsiveness and friendliness of staff, their skills at providing information ….
  • Mystery e-assessment using Mystery Web to assess responsiveness and friendliness of staff, their skills at providing information when using Online Stores….
  • B2B Mystery to assess the response, friendliness of staff, implementing of sales processes, expertise, and the way they provide information when dealing with the companies….
  • Benchmarking (verification of competitors) – the same procedures are evaluated as the ones in your company, so you can make a comparison between you and your competitor….

Who can benefit from the Mystery Shopping

Who can benefit from the Mystery Shopping?

Mystery Shopping is intended for all companies who care about how their customers are treated by their employees and recognize the importance of a satisfied customer, such as:

  • Auto Industry
  • Car showrooms
  • Car services
  • Sales of spare parts
  • Tyre repairs
  • Trade sector
  • Retail
  • Markets / Supermarkets
  • Specialized shops
  • Newsstands
  • Financial sector
  • Banks
  • Leasing
  • Insurance
  • Mutual funds
  • Tourism / Hospitality
  • Bars / Coffe shops
  • Restaurants / Pastries
  • Hotels / Spas
  • Tourist Agencies
  • Health / Wellness
  • Pharmacies
  • Opticians
  • Massages / Saunas
  • Fitness centers
  • Other services
  • Call centers
  • Passenger services
  • Online stores
  • B2B

Contact us today, to find out how Mystery Shopping can help you improve your services and long-term business success.

Advantages of Mystery Shopping

Advantages of Mystery Shopping

After conducting the Mystery Shopping visit, the mystery shopper writes a detailed report on the pre-defined and agreed-upon form, from which you can derive a lot of useful information for your company. With the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the information gained, and the appropriate action that follows the mystery shopping, you may receive the following benefits:

  • demonstration to the employees of the importance of their relationship with customers and their role in it: every customer counts, every employee is important,
  • motivation of employees to always be professional to the maximum with every customer because you never know when you’re dealing with a mystery shopper,
  • improvement in the relationship between your employees and customers, an enhanced approach by employees of which customers have immediate benefit,
  • detection of any deficiencies in relation to the customer or business and the opportunity to take action before they can be seen by customers,
  • reduction in the cost of advertising,
  • increase in your competitive advantage,
  • facility to keep track of current pricing policy and the behavior of competition.