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There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.

Sam Walton, founder of the american retail chain Walmart

Businesses spend thousands of euros a year on advertising. This way, they successfully attract customers with whom they create expectations based on their promises and their brand. And what happens when an interested customer comes to the point of sale? “A colleague is on annual leave”, “That’s not my job”, “I don’t know, I’m not from this department”. These are just some of the negative moments of the truth in sales.

Moments of truth are all instances in which customers are in any way in contact with your company and create an image about you. On the basis of the quality of the services performed, or on the basis of the relationship of employees to customers, the latter make purchasing decisions. Every interaction between employees and customers has many moments of truth. If we fail in any of them, we jeopardize the final result – the sale.


Why would you need our services?

Many agree that the excellent service is the real key to more customers, while at the same time increasing sales and profits, which is the foundation for long-term financial success and stability.

With the measurements it has been revealed:

  1. An average of 4% customers complain when they are dissatisfied, the other 96% of dissatisfied customers simply go elsewhere. Unhappy customers also share their dissatisfaction with an average of 20 customers.
  2. The most common reason for discontinuation of buying by customers is associated with dissatisfaction with the behavior of sales staff; this is true in 68% of cases.

For these reasons, we can conclude that we need to pay greater attention to the behavior of employees towards customers, and manage every contact with the customer by using the moment of truth.

So why would we need our services?

  • because you want to raise the higher level of service your employees offer to customers,
  • because you want to increase additional sales and thus traffic,
  • because you want to check what kind of service your competition is offering,
  • because you want to keep regular customers and gain new ones,
  • because you want to check how you are implementing the company’s internal standards,
  • because you want to find out who your best employees are.

If you answered most of the suggestions for improvements in your company with Yes, then our services are for you.


What services do we offer?

  • Mystery Shopping
    The mystery shopping service is an effective tool for gathering information on real sales and shopping or service experiences in the persuit of providing quality service to existing and potential customers. More →
  • Licensed CX and EX programs: Caring Service Culture ™
    With the help of the licensed CX and EX “Caring Service Culture” programs, you quickly and professionally train your team of staff in contact with customers for a caring, friendly and “we care” customer relationship that customers value the most. More →
  • Ceedback™ – the opinion of your customers in seconds
    Measure your customers’ satisfaction with the CX Ceedback touchscreen application to get instant information about the buying or visit experience of the customer at your stores or info points. More →
  • Education & training for Employees
    Trained and motivated employees in contact with customers create a pleasant user experience, with which you gain a constant, satisfied customer. More →


How does the whole order process work?

From your order to the final report of the performed service step by step:

  • an introductory meeting to learn about your expectations, needs and goals,
  • preparation of an offer for the performance of agreed services,
  • after confirmation of the offer, signing a cooperation agreement,
  • after signing the contract, preparation of the entire project in coordination with you,
  • after the services have been provided, we prepare a report of the analysis of the situation and suggestions for improvements.


Why work with us?

We are the first and largest specialized Mystery Shopping agency in Slovenia. We have been operating since 2004, trusted by more than 300 companies so far. We have been a member of the MSPA Mystery Shopping Professionals Association since 2005 and winners of the MSPA Elite Award since 2016.

  • conducted over 100.000 evaluations,
  • trained more than 650 mystery shoppers throughout Slovenia,
  • own online system ProVega,
  • held 7 conferences on the topic of Mystery Shopping for companies,
  • conducted 10 conferences for mystery shoppers of our company,
  • writing useful tips and articles on the topics of Mystery Shopping, employee motivation, increasing sales,
  • translated the first professional book “Guide to Mystery Shopping for Employees”,
  • implementation of the special project “Mystery Shopping Star” since 2016.


Our network of mystery shoppers

We currently have more than 650 active and qualified mystery shoppers – our permanent, external contractors across Slovenia. They operate locally, which means that they do not stand out from your everyday customers who visit your branch. They represent a diverse range of ages, educational backgrounds and income levels across Slovenia so we can guarantee we have the right mystery shoppers for your needs.

All our mystery shoppers undergo an initial assessment to ensure they’re suitable for the role. Once selected, we personally give them the training required to become a professional mystery shopper. They attend a free introductory training, where we introduce them to the professional work of a mystery shopper, the organization of work and how to carry out the professional sales process.

By doing this, we ensure that our mystery shoppers understand the sales process during the evaluation phase in the field. This high-level of training results in high quality work and reduces the likelihood of being recognized as a mystery shopper.

Our training is led by the Director of the company, Natalia Ugren, who has more than 20 years of professional experience across a wide range of sales. Natalia is intensively involved training of sales and consulting staff in many companies.


Our online system ProVega

Password protected On-line reports in our online system

You can access the results of the Mystery Shopping visit within 48 hours of the visit being completed and the report reviewed by us. They are available to you 24/7/365.

The results can be compared with each other by branches, months, employees, ..… and are presented very analytically and comprehensively.

All reports may be downloaded and saved to your computer or printed as required. Our online system also allows you to assign passwords within your organization, where you create access to specific data for individual branches.

Arrange a meeting with us for a personal demonstration of how our online system can benefit you.


Certification for Excellent Customer Experience

You now have the opportunity to obtain the title of CERTIFICATION FOR EXCELLENT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.

By using the certificate, you increase the trust of your business partners and customers, and thus the excellence of the company.

With the obtained certificate you receive:

  • the right to use the certificate logo on your website, e-mail signatures, letters and other marketing materials,
  • A4 wall mounted certificate, so you can put in a visible place in your business premises,
  • publication on the reference page of this website that you are the winner of the certificate,
  • certificate logo in vector format.

Check HERE, to see if you meet all the criteria for certification.


Project “Mystery Shopping Star”

In addition to performing the “Mystery Shopping” service, we have another mission – to help you find the “Mystery Shopping Stars” among your employees.

We would like to encourage you, as a company, to reward your “stars” among employees or branches financially and / or symbolically after the Mystery Shopping service. By doing so, you will give excellent salespeople and consultants confirmation for their top work and effort, and encourage the desire for success in all others who do not yet achieve the highest marks.

For more information about the project “Mystery Shopping Stars” visit the website or write to us at [email protected]


Pocketbook: The employee’s guide to Mystery Shopping

Pocketbook: The employee’s guide to Mystery Shopping; A tool for developing the whole company

The purpose of this book is to break the taboos of mystery shopping as a tool to intimidate employees and present it as a tool to uncover weak spots in all those industries where customer contacts are present. Above all, it’s a great tool for discovering opportunities for improvements that also result in better sales. The order form and more about the contents of the book can be found Here →


MSPA – Mystery Shopping Professionals Association

We are the only specialized mystery shopping agency in Slovenia and we have been a member of the MSPA since 2005, which means that we not only follow their guidelines, but as members receive information and details of good practices from other countries and share them with you – our clients. Indeed, this service has been practiced in Europe for more than 35 years, and in the U.S. for more than 65 years.

The full guidelines can be viewed in English on the MSPA Europe/Africa website.

Skrivnostni nakup d.o.o. - MSPA Elite member

MSPA Elite

Our membership in the elite club MSPA Elite, the world association for Mystery Shopping agencies (MSPA) is becoming our constant, as we earned this recognition in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024.

We were accepted into the MSPA Elite because of:

  • active participation in MSPA projects,
  • attending their conferences and trainings abroad,
  • writing articles on the topic of Mystery Shopping and thereby raising awareness in Slovenian management of the correct use of results and communication with employees,
  • participation in international projects,
  • in 2020, compulsory e-learning on the topic of GDPR was completed.

More about the MSPA Elite 2024 can be found at the official MSPA Europe/Africa webpage.