Certification for Excellent Customer Experience 2024


Even in these turbulent times, companies strive to provide their customers with a great shopping or user experience and therefore use the Mystery Shopping service in a professional manner. Congratulations to all of you who are already working in this direction.

You now have the opportunity to obtain the title of CERTIFICATION FOR EXCELLENT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE 2023.

By using the certificate, you increase the trust of your business partners and customers, and thus the excellence of the company.
The certificate is a recognition for companies that want to combine an excellent customer experience (CX) with a good employee experience (EX) into one. A less stressful and supportive environment for employees is reflected in the customer’s superior shopping experience, as it is served and advised by smiling and satisfied employees.

Excellent Customer Experience Certificate
The certificate is a recognition of your efforts along the way and the introduction of all the improvements and protocols you have already introduced for a customer and employee friendly environment and shopping experience. The certificate is a reflection of your efforts to invest in the successful development of employees as a company and your brand. It reflects the satisfaction and loyalty of employees, commitment, professionalism, productivity and motivation for high quality customer service.

The certificate is awarded by the first and largest specialized Mystery Shopping agency in Slovenia, Skrivnostni nakup d.o.o., which is also the only winner of the prestigious ELITE MSPA title, for the 7th year in a row, for Slovenia.

By using the certificate, you increase the trust of your business partners and customers, and thus the excellence of the company.

Required criteria for obtaining the certificate:

  • using the Mystery Shopping service in order to provide an excellent user experience for your customers,
  • using the Mystery Shopping service at least 3 times a year at an individual point of sale or call / contact center,
  • Achieved an overall score of at least 80.00% or more in the current year,
  • the results of the Mystery Shopping service are used in order to improve customer service by presenting the results to employees / business partners in a professional manner,
  • you use the results of the Mystery Shopping service to provide additional training and support as required by the MSPA (Mystery Shopping Professionals Association) guidelines.

With the obtained certificate you receive:

  • the right to use the certificate logo on your website, e-mail signatures, letters and other marketing materials,
  • A4 wall mounted certificate, so you can put in a visible place in your business premises,
  • publication on the reference page of this website that you are the winner of the certificate,
  • certificate logo in vector format.

For additional information, write to us at [email protected] or call us at +386 (0)41 537 118.

Testimonials of certificate recipients EXCELLENT

Marles logo

“For more than half a century, in Marles, we have been taking care of an excellent stay in facilities that we build at the highest level, and as a result, we take care of the best user experience for our customers. For us, the individuals who decide to build with Marles are not just customers to whom we offer the best experience in the process of buying and building their home, but rather our primary goal is to provide people with the highest level and quality of living throughout the decades of their use of the facilities we build. The fact that we are the recipients of the Certification for Excellent Customer Experience confirms all of the above, and at the same time means a great motivation and commitment to continue on our path of building the highest quality, sustainably built buildings.”

Marles - Bogdan Božac

Bogdan Božac,
procurator, Marles hiše Maribor, d.o.o.

Petrol logo

“At Petrol, we have been the first choice for an excellent stopover for more than 75 years. This does not mean that we are resting on our laurels, quite the opposite. Receiving the certificate for excellence in user experience 2022 once again confirms how much effort we invest in combining excellent customer user experience with a good work experience for employees,” said Jože Smolič, a member of the Petrol board, upon receiving the certificate. “We know that user experience is becoming increasingly important and is one of the company’s key competitive advantages, which not least influences choice, greater satisfaction and loyalty. And as such on the very business and performance of the company! That is why friendly and responsible treatment of customers when visiting Petrol’s sales point – as well as when visiting our online store, websites or social networks – is an integral part of Petrol’s vision for the period 2021-2025. We are happy that we are more than clearly on the right track.”

Petrol - Jože Smolič

Jože Smolič,
board member of Petrol d.d.

Admiral logo

“Focusing on the guest is an integral part not only of the marketing, but also of the business strategy and strategic goals of the Admiral Group. It is a concept that we want to become part of the company culture and an idea that all our employees internalize. With this in mind, we want to adapt and upgrade our services and ensure the excellence of the gaming experience for every individual who wants to have fun in our gaming lounges. We are proud to have earned the Excellent certificate as a group in 2022, and at the same time we promise our guests that we will continue to operate with the goal of their highest satisfaction.”

Admiral - Klemen Čaleta

mag. Klemen Čaleta,
director of the Admiral Slovenia Group

Telemach logo

“For a long time, we, at Telemach, have been taking a strategic approach to better the user experience. We are aware that it can be a decisive element for users in the flood of services and products available to them today. At Telemach we are constantly monitoring the users’ experience and developing responses that are aligned with their expectations and wishes, as we consider our subscribers, not only our users, but our partners as well. We are proud to have received a certificate for providing an excellent user experience, as it gives us additional impetus and confirmation that we are working in the right direction.”

Telemach - Uroš Šuštar

Uroš Šuštar,
head of the user experience department, Telemach d.o.o.

Logo - M Tehnika

»Excellence in customer experience is our strategic goal, as the constant provision of the best possible pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase service and professional attitude to all customers is key to increasing the trust of existing and gaining new customers. I am very proud of my colleagues that we are able to create excellence in the user experience. «

M Tehnika - Slavko Očko

Slavko Očko,
Executive Director Mercator d.d., Executive area M TEHNIKA