Education and Training for Employees

Education & training

For the process of changing the behavior of employees towards work, customers, managers, as well as managers towards employees, it is recommended to continuously conduct seminars and trainings for employees on the following topics mentioned below, at least once a year and for managers twice a year. More at

After the training, it is recommended to regularly perform the Mystery Shopping service, to check whether employees use what they have learned at points of sale and to reward those who are already achieving excellent results.

In case you have more than 8 employees who have contacts with the customers, we recommend that we carry out internal training tailored to your company. Otherwise, for a smaller number of participants, we recommend that you register for our seminars.

internal seminars and trainings
INTERNAL SEMINARS and TRAININGS are possible on the following topics:

  • Professional sales process – in retail
  • Professional sales process – in the field (B2B and B2C)
  • Professional telephone communication
  • Resolving complaints
  • Increase self-confidence and motivation
  • Effective time management and work organization
  • Setting and achieving business and personal goals
  • Effective teamwork
  • Learning different personality types
  • Effective employee management

Seminar Announcement – How to Immediately Increase Sales by Using the Right Sales Techniques

One day workshop for salespeople in retail sales – 6 teaching hours.


    Why are clients important for me as a salesperson? What types of clients are there, and how to approach them? How do we deal with demanding clients, clients who are ‘just looking’, clients who ‘know it all’…? Why do we need regular clients and how do we win their loyalty? How do we attract new clients? How can we increase sales when the number of clients remains unchanged?
    What types of salespeople are there and how do we recognize them? Why should you be a top notch salesperson and put effort into your work with clients? What are the possible reasons for some salespeople to fluctuate between professional and substandard relationships towards the clients?
    What is the correct greeting and approach toward the client?
    How and why is it important to determine the client’s needs?
    Why do we need to ask additional questions and what are they?
    Why do we need to know how to listen and how do we become better listeners?
    How do we present our product or service to clients, so they willwant to buy them? What are the challenges and what do we do when clients challenge us?
    How do you justify your price?
    What does additional sale mean and why is it important?
    How do we complete an additional sale and not receive a rejection from the client?
    The correct conclusion of the sale and saying goodbye to the client.


  • iIndividual and group work on practical case examples
  • Role play capturing different situations: employee / client during the sales procedure
  • Action plan to improve the sales procedures


Ljubljana, Območna obrtno-podjetniška zbornica Ljubljana Vič, Tržaška cesta 207


From 9 AM to 2.30 PM with breaks.


The seminar has been postponed indefinitely!


Course fee for each participant:

  • Regular price 135.00 EUR + 22% VAT
  • We offer 10% discount for our regular customers, which reduces the course fee to 121.50 EUR + 22% VAT
  • If you register 3 or more participants from the same company, we offer an additional 5% discount.

The price includes the course materials, and beverages and snacks during the breaks.
The course fee needs to be paid prior to the course. After you apply, we will issue you an invoice, which needs to be paid prior to the course start.

References from established Slovenian companies: AMZS d.d., Hervis d.o.o., Mercator d.d., NLB d.d., Sanolabor d.d., Petrol d.d., Veletekstil d.d., Žito d.d. For more on references, click »HERE«


To Register for retail sales seminar, click »HERE« The deadline for cancellations is 4 days prior to the course start. Cancellations need to be made in writing. If you cancel 3 days prior to the course start, we will charge you an administration fee and 30% of the course fee. Later cancellations will result in the loss of your course fee.