Information for Mystery Shoppers

A mystery shopper is a specially qualified person (not a pollster), who plays the role of a real customer and pretends to be an ordinary customer, but during a visit to shops, banks, restaurants … observes and evaluates the quality of sales services.

The mystery shopper operates locally, so he does not stand out from the usual customers who visit shops, banks, restaurants in a particular place. This also saves travel time and travel costs.

Good to know:
In Slovenia we also know the following terms for mystery shopper, namely: hidden buyer, mystery guest, hidden guest, virtual buyer, anonymous shopper, phantom shopper,…

What is “Mystery Shopper”?

Mystery shoppers are selected on the basis of certain required personality traits and qualities. They are specially trained in order that they can perform their tasks professionally and objectively. In the disguise of ordinary customers they obtain specific data important for the client. Before carrying out the mystery shopping, they are informed by the mystery shopping agency about the expectations of the client in relation to the assigned purchase. The task must therefore be performed according to a pre-established scenario that reminds them of what must they pay particular attention to and which data must be collected.


Why become a mystery shopper?

Advantages of being the mystery shopper:

  • likes shopping, visiting outlets and receiving offers,
  • earning money while shopping,
  • flexible working time as you can choose your own projects and work,
  • gaining knowledge and experience in the field of the sales process and sales procedures,
  • because by doing the work you are helping to raise the quality of service in Slovenia.


What requirements do I need to meet?

Before deciding to work as a mystery shopper, it’s good to know if that job will suit you. The conditions you must meet are:

  • is able to “play” different roles required by the sales process,
  • is able to write own experience realistically and objectively,
  • is computer literate and have access to the internet,
  • have knowledge on how to use Word, Excel, e-mail and web browsers,
  • is resourceful, adaptable to different circumstances of the sales process,
  • is attentive to details,
  • is highly literate and has good written and oral expression,
  • respects deadlines,
  • likes people.


Why work with us as a mystery shopper?

Here are some reasons to become a mystery shopper with us:

  • because we offer you initial free training,
  • because we pay your earnings regularly and in full,
  • because we invite you to our mystery shopper conference for free,
  • because we have our own online system with which you can easily and quickly fill out your reports,
  • because we always offer you support and we are at your disposal for additional information.


How to become a mystery shopper?

You can become a mystery shopper by filling out the Form which is available on our website. Based on your application we send you the instructions for evaluation testing or a test task, which determines whether you are suitable to perform this type of work. If you meet the required criteria, we enter into a contract with you.

The next and last step is a required (free) training for work as a mystery shopper and after training you are ready to start to work. Training is mandatory because we showcase the professional work of ma ystery shopper, the organization of work and conduct of the professional sales process. In this way we ensure that as our mystery shoppers you understand the mystery sales process in the field when you are in the evaluation phase. In this way, we ensure the high quality of your work and reduce the possibility of potential recognition of you as a mystery shopper.

Training is led by the director of the company, Natalia Ugren, who has more than 20 years of professional experience in various fields of sales and is intensively involved in the education of the sales and consulting staff in various companies.