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The mystery shopping service (a.k.a. Secret Shopping) raises the quality of service while increasing customer, employee and sales satisfaction.

Customer Experience (CX) & Employee Experience (EX)

Satisfied employees create satisfied customers. With our proven tools, we can help you discover the level of satisfaction for both.

Ceedback™ – opinion of your customers only in few seconds

Measure your customers’ satisfaction with the CX Ceedback™ touchscreen app to get “just in time” instant information about the experience your buying or visiting customers had.

For Companies

For Companies

  • Why would you need our services?

    • Because you want to improve the services your employees offer to customers,
    • Because you want to increase upselling and thus your revenue,
    • Because you want to check service offered by your competition,
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  • How does the order process work?

    • We plan the project based on your wishes and needs,
    • We present the criteria of excellence to employees,
    • We perform the Mystery Shopping service,
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  • Why work with us?

    • The first and largest specialized Mystery Shopping agency in Slovenia,
    • Trusted by more than 300 companies,
    • Performed more than 100,000 evaluations,
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Online information system ProVega

For Mystery Shoppers

For Mystery Shoppers

  • Why become a mystery shopper?

    • Because you love shopping, visiting outlets and getting offers,
    • Because you earn extra money while shopping,
    • Because you can choose your own projects and work - flexible working hours,
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  • What conditions do I have to meet?

    • I am capable to “play” different roles,
    • I can write my experience realistically and objectively,
    • I am computer literate and have access to the internet,
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  • Why work with us as a mystery shopper?

    • Because we offer you a free initial training,
    • Because we pay you regularly and in full,
    • Because we invite you to our mystery shopper conference for free,
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Books for CEO

When was the last time you read a book (or even bought it) to become an even more effective and successful leader?
Natalia Ugren,
Founder and CEO

Our mission

Our mission is to improve the shopping experience of your customers and raise the respect and reputation of professions and employees in retail stores, catering and reception offices, in short, wherever the customer comes into personal contact with your employees and the company.

Since 2005 we are members of MSPA - World Association of Mystery Shopping Agencies and not only do we follow their guidelines, but as members we receive information and good practices from abroad and share them with you.

Within the MSPA association, we have also received a special MSPA Elite Member award every year since 2016 - in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 we were the only agency from Slovenia.

E-report of a bad shopping experience It has probably happened to you that as a customer you were disappointed by the way the staff treated you.

We would appreciate, if you shared your bad experience with us HERE