Mystery Shopping – Skrivnostni nakup d.o.o.


Service Mystery shopping is an anonymous survey of customer relations at a point of sale, either in person, by telephone or via the Internet. With this service, we can check how the sales staff treats customers. Data is not collected from real customers, but from the virtual customers – the mystery shoppers.

Mystery shoppers visit, call, or in any other way contact a company (such as car dealers, banks, shops, etc) and engage their sales staff, while playing the role of a real customer in a predescribed scenario.

For companies

For mystery shoppers

Who is this service intended for?

Auto Industry

  • Car showrooms
  • Car services
  • Sales of spare parts
  • Tyre repairs

Trade sector

  • Retail
  • Markets / Supermarkets
  • Specialized shops
  • Newsstands

Financial sector

  • Banks
  • Leasing
  • Insurance
  • Mutual funds

Tourism / Hospitality

  • Bars / Coffe shops
  • Restaurants / Pastries
  • Hotels / Spas
  • Tourist Agencies

Health / Wellness

  • Pharmacies
  • Opticians
  • Massages / Saunas
  • Fitness centers

Other services

  • Call centers
  • Passenger services
  • Online stores
  • B2B



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