The employee’s guide to Mystery Shopping

Pocketbook: The employee’s guide to Mystery Shopping; A tool for developing the whole company

Would you like all the information about »Mystery Shopping« in one place? And in a book form? Then, the below presented book is just the right one for you.

This pocketbook, which has 80 pages, contains all the basic information about the service of Mystery Shopping. It comes in handy for all the (future) users of this kind of services and to all of those who are interested in Mystery Shopping.

This pocketbook is a result of the work and experience of the two authors. One of them is Veronica Boxberg Karlsson, the founder of the MSPA (European Association of Agencies for Mystery Shopping) and the owner of Swedish company for Mystery Shopping, Better Bussiness World Wide. The other author is Lina Thomasdotter Schölin, Director of the above-mentioned agency, who has extensive experience with international and global projects.

The purpose of this blue book is to break the taboos about the mystery shopping as a tool for scaring employees. Instead, the book proposes to present service as a tool for finding vulnerabilities in all the sectors, where there is a present contact with customers.

The book is divided into 34 short chapters, which are designed as answers to all the questions that arise when thinking about Mystery Shopping. The chapters are: what is this Mystery Shopping, why companies are using this kind of service, what is the difference between this service and market research, who are mysterious buyers, how to apply the results of mystery shopping…

This pocketbook will certainly shatter any doubt that you have about Mystery Shopping!

Title: The employee’s guide to Mystery Shopping; A tool for developing the whole company
Language: Slovenian
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Author: Veronica Boxberg Karlsson and Lina Thomasdotter Schölin
Number of pages: 80
ISBN: 9978-91-984900-0-8
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