Company management is responsible for the quality of services. Measurement of event MOMENT OF TRUTH is as important as the measurement of customer satisfaction, cash revenue and financial position. ”

Jan CARIZON, former CEO of SAS, known as the father of the concept of Moment of Truth

As will be shown on this page, mystery shopping is an effective tool for gathering information on real sales and shopping experiences in the persuit of providing quality of service to existing and potential customers.

In other words, mystery shopping measures quality of services in moments of truth.


With increased competitiveness in the market economy at the present time, it is often the quality of service of staff in shops, banks, autoshops, salons, catering and tourism establishments … that provide an opportunity and a source of competitive advantage.

Many agree that great service is a real key to increasing the number of customers, thereby increasing both sales and profits. This is the foundation for long-term financial success and stability.

Recent statistical discoveries have shown that:

  1. An average of 4% of customers complain when they are dissatisfied, the other 96% simply go somewhere else. Unhappy customers share their dissatisfaction with an average of 20 customers.
  2. The most common reason for discontinuation of buying by customers is associated with dissatisfaction with the behavior of sales staff; this is true in 68% of cases.

For these reasons, we can conclude that we need to pay greater attention to the behavior of employees towards customers, and manage every contact with the customer by using the moment of truth.


Companies spend thousands of Euros annually on advertising. In this way, they successfully attract customers, to whom they generate expectations based on promises and brand. And what happens when the interested buyer comes to the store? “My colleague is on annual leave,” “It’s not my job”, “I do not know, I’m not from this section.” These are just some of the negative moments of truth in sales.

Moments of truth are all instances in which customers are in any way in contact with your company and create an image about you. On the basis of the quality of the services performed, or on the basis of the relationship of employees to customers, the latter make purchasing decisions. Every interaction between employees and customers has many moments of truth. If we fail in any of them, we endanger the final result – the sale.

Products can be copied, but the moments of truth are our unique reflection of the actual state of affairs and are one-off situations that are never repeated!