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July 12, 2018

Research GUEST 2018 – Who is offering the best quality services in the region? Slovenia this time in 2nd place.

From 15th of May to 15th of June 2018, the Croatian Agency Heraklea in cooperation with local Mystery Shopping agencies (in Slovenia with the agency Skrivnostni nakup d.o.o.) conducted its tenth regional research of Mystery Shopping about the basic elements of quality of service with the aim to find the best service providers throughout the region.

Survey besides Slovenia also involved five other countries in the region Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia.

Mysterious shoppers from authorized agencies have visited more than 800 different outlets (tourism and catering establishments, car dealerships, banks, various shops, branches of telecommunication companies, gas stations, supermarkets and providers of services).

More on this survey is available in Slovenian language.