Education & Training on the workplace

For the process of changing the behavior of employees towards work, customers, managers, as well as managers towards employees, it is recommended to continuously conduct seminars and trainings for employees on the following topics mentioned below, at least once a year and for managers twice a year.

After the training, it is recommended to regularly perform the Mystery Shopping service, to check whether employees use what they have learned at points of sale and to reward those who are already achieving excellent results.

In case you have more than 8 employees who have contacts with the customers, we recommend that we carry out internal training tailored to your company. Otherwise, for a smaller number of participants, we recommend that you register for our seminars.

internal seminars and trainings

INTERNAL SEMINARS and TRAININGS are possible on the following topics:

  • Professional sales process – in retail
  • Professional sales process – in the field (B2B and B2C)
  • Professional telephone communication
  • Resolving complaints
  • Increase self-confidence and motivation
  • Effective time management and work organization
  • Setting and achieving business and personal goals
  • Effective teamwork
  • Learning different personality types
  • Effective employee management