Verified Employee Testimonials

Some verified opinions from employees on experience of mystery shopping services.

As a saleswoman I often wondered how customers see me and evaluate my work. Everyone thinks themselves to be a good salesman / saleswoman. But what does it mean to be good ?

In our profession, who is good and who is not good in the selling process is evident right away – either you sell or don’t sell. However, in my opinion, there has to be more to it.

So I was very happy when we were told about mystery shopping evaluation. I was eager that someone who doesn’t know me would evaluate my work, so they would tell me what I was doing well, and what I needed to change or improve. I have to admit that I was completely relaxed during the days when mystery shopping evaluation was announced. I wasn’t worried about customers – who would come and what they would ask. I treat every customer the same; I try to be professional, friendly and try to give the customer as much information as I know about the product he is interested in. I never found out who the mystery shopper was as I didn’t recognize him or her.

I was happy that I received commendation for my evaluation. I also got feedback information on what I needed to change to improve myself. Now I try to stick to the given guidelines and when a customer enters the store, I welcome her in a friendly manner with, “Good afternoon, madam, what can I show you today?

Retail seller from the store Vitapur-Hitex

I had often heard about ‘mystery shopping’. The thought that someone would evaluate me was not pleasant. In fact, I felt very uncomfortable. I was afraid that I was going to change as a seller, that I would always have to remember to explain everything that I knew to everyone who just peeked his head into the store. I was afraid that the mystery shopper wouldn’t like me or my sales procedure, my way of speaking, or presentation, etc. So the days passed by and one day the boss told us that the evaluation had been concluded, and the results would be known.

And so we found out. There was nothing terrible about it at all! At that moment I understood the rationale behind mystery shopping. We found out our weaknesses, and weak parts of the sales process, and learned where we could improve. At the beginning probably every employee thinks that with mystery shopping, the boss wants to evaluate him and find out what he’s doing wrong by any means. That’s a mistake. The boss probably wants employees to perform better and would like to know where there is room for improvements or changes necessary to make the results even better.

When you find out you’re not as bad as you thought, basically that you’re doing it right, you get a confirmation and are more self-confident; at the end even customers notice this and there are positive effects on sales. If the seller is self-confident and operates as if he believes in the products he is selling, the buyer will believe too.

So there is no need to fear … mystery purchases are ok. 🙂

Retail seller from the Vitapur-Hitex store

When I learned that the company had started to use mystery shopping I became worried and I had many questions. I thought a lot about everything and put even more effort into my daily work. Eventually I convinced myself that I work well and I had no worry regarding the mystery shopping. Confirmation came soon, as in one of the mystery shopping evaluations I ended up being the best rated seller. I was very happy about that, and also with the reward that I received from the company management. Today I look at mystery shopping in a very positive way, as it motivates us to improve our work.

Retail Seller from Nama