Testimonials by Mystery Shoppers

Some opinions from our mystery shoppers regarding the benefits of the mystery shopping method.

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I was delighted that I was accepted as a mystery shopper. It is a flexible role which allows you to sign up for as many, or as little, assignments that you can complete within the specified times. It is recommended that you rate the assignment immediately after the evaluation, and not wait until the last day. I always plan an evaluation in such a way that, I can write the evaluation report immediately. After the evaluation is assigned to you, you have to read the instructions thoroughly, so that you know exactly what you are going to be evaluating, e.g. the retail store, the bank office, and/or the shop assistants or employees. When you enter the retail store you must behave as if you are interested in purchasing a certain product, or service that the company offers. You must allow the employee to present you with the product or service that you request, even if you are already familiar with it. Your evaluation of an employee must be objective. You must be precise, consistent and correct, and never base your evaluations on their likeability. You must not base your evaluations on your personal emotions; i.e. your report should be based on fact and be a description of the situation as it happened.

I have gained a lot of knowledge while doing this work, particularly in the automotive and banking sectors.

A.K., Štajerska

Being a mystery shopper is a responsible and serious job which gives the shopper extensive and rich experience in purchasing, that can also be used in life’s decision making moments. With our work we are helping to develop and to improve the business processes in companies who contract our services. In reality we all benefit from this process; mystery shoppers, companies, and most of all, the consumer.

S.P., Štajerska

During a long-term collaboration with the Skrivnostni nakup d.o.o. company, I gained a lot of valuable experience in the following areas; getting to know the range of products (e.g. Canopy garage doors, building materials, playing at the casino, furniture purchases, household appliances, audio-visual equipment, mobile telephone technology, clothing, footwear, and cars), shop floor maintenance and services, and administrative responsibilities including, but not limited to, banking and insurance. It was a very people friendly company that greatly developed my communication and interpersonal skills.

Mystery shopping is not just additional income for me; I take the role very seriously. Responsibility in this role is essential as the consequences of incorrect observations could damage not only; a company’s reputation and therefore sales, but also my integrity as a mystery shopper.

Z.K., Koroška

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