FAQ – Frequently asked questions from Mystery Shoppers:

Question: “Do all  mystery shoppers make purchases every day?”
Answer: “No. Mystery shoppers are involved according to the available projects and the quality of their work.”

Question: “How does the mystery shopper work?
Answer: “Before allocating tasks you get precise instructions on how to rate the sales process and you are given the necessary forms for evaluation. As long as you are at the point of sale that you are rating, you pay attention to details such as.. are you are greeted at the entrance, how many customers are currently there … You are interested in the products, sometimes you’re buying certain products other times  you are returning products as a complaint. After the visit you fill out evaluation forms, in which you report on your shopping experience. You send us a report within 24 hours.
In short, your job is to play the role of a normal customer and behave like one, while at the same time paying attention to every detail and writing a report about it.”

Question: “Who uses mystery shopping services?”
Answer: “It is used most frequently by retail outlets, car dealers, banks, hotels, restaurants, and many others (see our references).”

Question: “Can I reject a task when I cannot do it?”
Answer: “Of course. Flexibility is one of the strengths of the mystery shopper. You choose when and which task you want to do. If you cannot do the agreed tasks for any reason, please inform us no later than 3 days ahead of schedule. ”

Question: “Can I work in a pair with a friend?”
Answer: “Yes, a friend can go with you and does not need to know that this is your job. When someone comes with you, it is most important that it makes your work easier and does not distract you. You are not allowed to being a friend on evaluation, when this is specifically stated.”

Question: “Can the mystery shopper be a student or an employee?”
Answer: “This is a part-time job and can be done by anyone regardless of their employment status. It is only required that this person fulfills the criteria of a mystery shopper.”

Question: “What is the payment for the work done?”
Answer: “Before the start of each task that has been offered to you, we inform you about the amount of the fee which is dependent on the length and complexity of the project. Then you decide whether such a fee for this specific task suits you or not.”

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