More about the guidelines and the ethical code can be found on the website of the MSPA Association at the following link HERE.

The code of professional standards of the Mystery Shopping Professionals Association was created to ensure that all mystery shoppers cooperating with members of the MSPA follow its principles.

By signing the list of rules of mystery shoppers, I (mystery shopper) fully agree that I will strictly follow the guidelines, rules and ethical principles as specified by the code of the MSPA association:

  • I will make all mystery purchases to the best of my abilities;
  • I will make all mystery purchases with integrity and honor;
  • I will deliver results on time or before the deadline;
  • I will consider and follow all instructions and guidance taking into consideration each mystery shopping test provided by the mystery shopping service provider;
  • I will immediately inform the mystery shopping provider if I’m not able to perform the mystery purchase or provide it on time for any reason;
  • I will reply to missed calls or e-mails received from the mystery shopping service provider in the earliest possible time;
  • I will keep all the documentation relating to the mystery purchase within the time limit as specified by the mystery shopping provider – in order to offer additional information and/or resolve possible questions, doubts or claims the client might have in relation to the mystery purchase. I will perform the mystery purchase only after carefully reading the questionnaire and instructions given by the mystery shopping service provider.
  • I will not manipulate or falsely present the results of the mystery purchase;
  • I will not ask nor persuade another mystery shopper to violate the code of trust and break the secrecy agreement the mystery shopper concluded with his mystery shopping service provider;
  • I will not abuse MSPA media to publish complaints against clients, sales personel, mystery shoppers or mystery shopping service providers – if not related to the approval procedure;
  • The name of the mystery shopping service provider/contractor to any particular client is considered confidential, and I will not share this information with any other person;
  • All information regarding fees and reimbursement of expenses related to a particular mystery purchase is considered as confidential and I will not share it with any other person;
  • In order to respect the principle of confidentiality to the client I will not transmit the results of mystery shopping to other persons;
  • I will never carry out a mystery shopping survey while under the influence of illegal substances (drugs, alcohol, etc.) that might affect my ability;
  • I will not get drunk or drink over the legal limit in my country, or perform any other activity that could harm me or others at the time of the mystery shopping purchase;
  • I will never directly engage in contact with the client without the prior authorization of the mystery shopping provider;
  • I will not interfere with the normal working procedures at the target sales points while performing the mystery purchase (I will not cause inconvenience);
  • I will not present myself as a mystery shopper at the target sales points while performing mystery purchases – unless I get specific instructions from the mystery shopping service provider to do so;
  • I will reveal my business relationship with the mystery shopping service provider to all government departments that require this information from me;
  • I will reveal and share all family and friendly relations – if requested by the mystery shopping service provider;
  • I will disclose any potential conflicts of interest associated with any particular mystery purchase now or in the future.