To positively change the employees’ attitudes toward work, clients, supervisors, and also the supervisors’ attitudes towards the employees, continuous professional development is recommended, in the form of courses and trainings, covering the topics described below. Such educational opportunities should be offered at least once yearly to employees, and twice a year to team leaders.

After the training has been completed, it is recommended to regularly implement the mystery shopping method, in order to check if the employees are using the learnt skills in their daily work, and also to reward those that have good business results.

If you have more than 8 employees, who all deal with clients, we recommend the internal company training, which can be adjusted to suit your company’s needs. If you have fewer employees, we recommend you apply for one of the specialized appropriate courses we have on offer. For courses which are available at the moment, please check our »Retail sales seminar Announcement«.

We offer the following INTERNAL COURSES and TRAININGS:

  • Professional sales procedure – for retail sale
  • Professional sales procedure – for field salespeople
  • Professional communication by telephone
  • Dealing with product returns and complaints
  • Increasing self-esteem and motivation
  • Time and work management techniques
  • Personal and business goal setting and goal achievement
  • Efficient teamwork
  • Recognising different personality types
  • Efficient team leading