From your order to the final mystery shopping report – step by step.

After we receive your enquiry – order, we will act as follow:

  1. We will arrange a preliminary meeting with you to get better acquainted with your expectations, needs and goals.
  2. We will provide you with an offer for the mystery shopping services according to your goals and needs.
  3. After confirming the offer we will sign a cooperation agreement.
  4. After signing the contract, we will prepare a draft questionnaire which we coordinate together with you. At the same time we will prepare scenarios, times and places of execution.
  5. On the agreed dates the mystery shopping will be carried out in the field.
  6. Upon completion of the mystery shopping we will prepare an analysis report sheet.
  7. We will analyze the report together with you, propose possible measures and, if necessary or according to your wishes, agree on further cooperation.


In order to ensure quality implementation of Mystery Shopping service it is also important the obligations are clearly defined in advance by the client and contractor of the service, Skrivnostni nakup d.o.o.

Obligations on the part of the client

  1. To inform all employees who will participate in the mystery shopping about the fact that the quality of their services to customers will be tested with unannounced visits by the mystery shoppers.
  2. Employees are required to be informed in advance:
    • about the aims and objectives of the mystery shopping program,
    • about the intended use of the results.
  3. DO NOT tell the staff exactly when the Mystery Shopping will be carried out.
  4. Confirm that the only purpose of the implementation of the mystery shopping is to verify the quality of service that employees are offering to the customers with the aim of continuous improvement of the quality of their work.
  5. Ensure that the results of the mystery shopping will not be misused for the purposes of:
    • Layoffs ,
    • – Creating a false demand for products and services at the competitive company.
  6. Present employees are not to disturb the customers if they think that they recognize the mystery shopper, because “looking for mystery shoppers” is inappropriate and unprofessional behavior which may cause inconvenience for your regular customers.

Obligations of the contractor Skrivnostni nakup d.o.o. to the client

  1. Educating the client with the guidelines of MSPA and our company Skrivnostni nakup d.o.o.
  2. Creating a questionnaire to carry out mystery shopping tailored to the clent’s process and internal rules.
    • The questionnaire should focus on objective questions and on getting the facts. Questions should be placed in the same way that interacting with real customers occurs.
    • Subjective opinions of customers can be used to facilitate the understanding of the results.
    • The questionnaire should contain the smallest possible range of issues and focus only on the most important points of the sales process, because the likelihood of errors and inaccurate information increases dependence on the amount of data the mystery shopper must pay attention to.
  3. Creating mystery shopping scenarios
    • The scenario must be realistic and must comply with the normal behavior of regular customers – it must be ethical, practical and objective.
  4. Formal education of mystery shoppers about mystery shopping and customized education for every contract.
  5. Implementation of commissioned mystery shopping service by providing an adequate duration.
    • The time and duration of mystery shopping must comply with the normal progress of work of employees at a particular location. The exact duration depends on local practices. In the case of carrying out the service on the competitors, the duration must be reasonable, but as short as possible so as not to impede the workflow, and cannot be implemented too many times.
  6. To issue a report about the implementation of mystery shopping survey to the client
    • Employee identifications are permitted only in cases where the staff is informed about this in an advance and if it is in accordance with the laws of each country. In the case of the service on a competitor, the identity of the staff must not be disclosed.
  7. It is required to ensure that the survey data are secret and inaccessible to unauthorized persons.