Mystery Shopping is intended for all companies who care about how their customers are treated by their employees and recognize the importance of a satisfied customer.

So, if you want satisfied customers and you own or run a:

  • car dealership, car repair workshop, car wash, rent-a-car company, tyre workshop,
  • gas station, towing service,
  • bank, auction house, currency exchange, insurance company, pawnshop,
  • florist, garden centre, seed shop,
  • cosmetics shop, perfumery, optician,
  • hairdressing salon, beauty salon, massage salon, pedicure, solarium, sauna,
  • fitness center, sports ground,
  • photo service, photocopy shop,
  • casino, betting shop,
  • airline, bus service, train service, taxi,
  • bookstore, newsagent,
  • library, gallery, museum,
  • dry cleaner, shoemaker, locksmith,
  • cinema, theater,
  • courier and delivery service, security service,
  • pharmacy
  • hotel, motel, resort, campsite, swimming pool, holiday camp, inn, guest house, hostel,
  • mobile phone network
  • real estate agency, wedding planner
  • post office
  • store, shop, butcher’s shop, kiosk, market, supermarket, shopping center,
  • pizzeria, restaurant, pub, nightclub, disco,
  • sweet shop, cafe, bar, snack bar, fast food restaurant, catering company,
  • language school, music school, dance school, kindergarten,
  • travel agent
  • video store,
  • medical service, dental service, physiotherapy center,
  • jeweler, clockmaker

… call us today to find out more about how mystery shopping can improve your services and increase the long-term success of your business.