Our mystery shopping survey is an anonymous survey to assess the quality of service and customer relations at the point of sale. The survey can be conducted either in person, by telephone or online.

We analyze in detail how your sales staff treat your customers. We do this using the data collected by ‘virtual customers’ – our mystery shoppers and not by your actual customers. Mystery shopping is a ‘real word’ assessment of your staff, it is NOT an interview.

Our mystery shoppers visit, call or contact your company, just as an actual customer would. They interact with your sales staff playing the role of an actual customer and following a prearranged scenario. Their job is to collect the required information and report their observations.

Good to know:

In Slovenia, this type of service can be known by many names. As well as ‘mystery shopping’ it may also be known as mystery shopper, anonymous assessment, phantom visits, etc.

WHAT IS mystery shopping: WHAT IS NOT mystery shopping:
It is a survey which checks the behaviour and interactions of your employees with your customers at their usual point of contact. It is NOT spying on your employees.
The results are used to guide, educate, motivate and reward your employees. The results are not there to punish or disipline your employees.
We are looking for weaknesses in the sales process and for opportunities to improve it. We are not looking for your employee’s mistakes.
A mystery shopping survey should be carried out by qualified mystery shoppers with experience and knowledge. A mystery shopping survey should not be carried out by relatives, friends, acquaintances or business partners.
Unsatisfactory results can be attributed to a number of factors; management, work organisation, lack of information, communication. We do not just focus on your employees as the reason for unsatisfactory results.

Mystery Shopping highlights opportunities for improvement in all areas of your company.