After conducting the mystery shopping visit, the mystery shopper writes a detailed report on the pre-defined and agreed-upon form, from which you can derive a lot of useful information for your company. With the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the information thus gained, and the appropriate action that follows the mystery shopping,  you may receive the following benefits:

  • Increased customer satisfaction and thus more regular customers, as well as the advantage of attracting new ones
  • Increased sales and thus profits
  • Demonstration to the employees of the importance of their relationship with customers and their role in it: every customer counts, every employee is important
  • Motivation of employees to always be professional to the maximum with every customer because you never know when you’re dealing with a mystery shopper
  • Improvement in the relationship between your employees and customers, an enhanced approach by employees  of which customers have immediate benefit
  • Detection of any deficiencies in relation to the customer or business and the opportunity to take action before they can be seen by customers
  • Help with  planning future business policy
  • Ability to anticipate and guess the wishes of customers more easily
  • Reduction in the cost of advertising
  • Increase in your competitive advantage
  • Facility to keep track of current pricing policy and the behavior of competition

What do we find out with Mystery shopping?

  • How your employees receive or establish their first contact with the customer (greeting, smile, mood, etc.)
  • How your employees could be of more help to the customer
  • What the employees time response is
  • How the sales staff respond to the customer complaints
  • How sales staff sell: agressively, passively etc.
  • How it looks to be your customer
  • How the competition behaves towards the  customer (benchmarking services and relations with the customer)
  • What the business compliance with internal standards and legal regulations is
  • What the sales techniques of staff and their knowledge of the products or services are
  • What the qualifications of staff for the work they do are

How can we use the information collected in the mystery shopping survey?

  • For comparative analysis of locations in time and space and the establishment of an appropriate reward system after-effects and performance
  • For comparison with the competition
  • To identify deviations from standards and legal regulations
  • To detect weaknesses in the sale in relation to the customer
  • As a basis for the introduction of changes in the behavior of sales staff
  • As a basis for motivation, reward and training of sales personnel
  • For monitoring the effects of introduced changes in the behavior of sales staff
  • To measure the impact of changes in products, systems, employees’ approach, working time, advertising, etc. on the customer and the sale
  • As a basis for the survey of customer satisfaction
  • As a basis for defining the expectations and objectives of sales staff